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Creative carpet designs

Custom Made Carpets
Custom Made Carpets

Carpets are finely tailored to suit the environment in which it is placed – the wear-and-tear it will be subjected to in the years to come, the aesthetic particularities of the space, and of course the maintenance capabilities of the owner.

Broadloom Carpet
Broadloom Carpet

Yarns Ltd imports carpets and rugs from Europe for a great variety of prestigious and special material like paper, cashmere, thus offers luxury look but provide long duarability.

Sisal and Wool Sisal Carpet
Sisal and Wool Sisal Carpet

Sisal is a natural material with its flat woven characteristic; it can be placed perfectly in spaces with frequent traffic.
Wool sisal carpets are soft and comfortable while maintaining their incredible durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Carpet Tile
Carpet Tile

Imported from renowned manufacturers of Japan and Taiwan: Toli and Formosa as well as other high quality brand names from worldwide.


Woven vinyl floor covering is a creative and contemporary flooring concept based on a combination of various tile shapes.
ROYAL WOOD is TOLI’s new wood-look solid vinyl tile (LVT) range which is available in a great variety of sizes and authentic designs.
SPC flooring : Waterproof , stain-resistant and improved sound-insulation.


Fabric Binding
Selected woven fabric to compliment with wool, nylon and sisal /wool sisal rugs.

Power 1000: Toli is from Japan, the product not only available with short lead time and trustworthy quality but also has features of Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Fireproof.

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專業地毯OBJECT CARPET – NEOO 採用 100% 可回收材料生產的地毯

100% circular, 100% clean, 100% polyester: NEOO by OBJECT CARPET

100% circular, 100% clean, 100% polyester: NEOO by OBJECT CARPET

The first infinitely recyclable carpet made of mono material. Designed for endless life.

Neoo 1000

NEOO, the first circular, 100% recyclable loop-pile carpet, is the pioneer of a new generation of carpets. Made from 100% polyester, this high-quality mono-material carpet not only withstands all of a room’s demands but also combines design and environmental protection.


For the first time, OBJECT CARPET is closing the loop in the carpet industry with its mono carpet NEOO. After it is taken back, NEOO is melted down and extruded to produce new polyester fibers of the same initial quality.


NEOO is made of 100% pure polyester then melted down and extruded to produce new fibers. In this way, it can be recycled again and again, and completely. A method that is four to five times more energy efficient than producing new polyester.


NEOO is available as tiles or broadlooms.

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NEOO – designed for endless life
New stock ranges available
Pebble Stones

The latest premium wool carpet from Australia

Pebble Stones – Introducing this new range, the latest premium wool carpet from Australia with natural insulating and renewable qualities, the chunky textured loop carpet lends itself to creating places of serenity and comfort.

Pebble Stones is a soft and richly textured carpet crafted from 100% pure wool and has been treated to deter insects and features hypoallergenic attributes that reduce the growth of common allergens and improve air quality, making life infinitely happier for asthma and allergy sufferers.


100% solution-dyed nylon, plank tiles

Toffee – 100% solution-dyed nylon, plank tiles. Designed for both commercial and hospitality sectors. The collection’s color palette comprises six natural hues, and various effects can be achieved by either herringbone or ashlar installation methods.

The collection is tested and conforms to flammability standards, and is anti-static and colorfast.

為什麼滿鋪地毯永遠都不會out of date



地毯終於唔係再係咁繁複啦!現時嘅地毯風格比起 70 和 80 年代變得簡單啲。顏色都唔再係奇怪嘅花紋同圖案,而係型仔啲嘅單色同中性色。係房間入面鋪張中性地毯可以創造出一塊空白的畫布來裝飾房間的其餘部分,方便你更好咁裝飾。隨著地毯技術日益進步,今時今日有更多不同大小同設計嘅選擇,令你擁有理想化嘅地毯。地毯更可以減少噪音同調節光線,亦係因為佢嘅柔軟觸感,令我哋感覺更舒適。


滿鋪地毯永遠都不會out of date

近年嘅地毯設計在實現極致中都兼顧咗便利性同可持續性啦!最新嘅科技令到地毯也變得更加環保,因為有啲地毯都都係用回收材料製成的。 呢啲地毯伸可以抵抗污垢和污漬,使它們更易於清潔且使用壽命更長。