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Bremworth is a premium design and natural fibre company, looking for a more sustainable way in all they do. With consumers demanding more natural and sustainable products, they have said goodbye to synthetic and hello to natural. Bremworth is proudly New Zealand’s only 100% wool carpet manufacturer.

edel group

Edel Group Yarns Ltd is the sole distributor in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Edel Group creates distinctive carpets for the mid/high segment. The high level of service and excellent price/quality ratio ensures satisfied customers all over the world. 

FCFC carpet

FCFC Carpet

Formosa FCFC carpet has the latest fully computerized automatic tufting machine which enable to produce various exquisite graphic carpet tile or carpet roll and high quality out-door artificial turf.

Object carpet

Object Carpet Yarns Ltd is the sole distributor in Hong Kong and Macau.

OBJECT CARPET manufactures a variety of products, including wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles and rugs that contribute to architectural beauty to the floor.



Robusta B.V. is a family owned business dedicated to specialized textile weaving for carpets and industrial applications. Robusta process both natural and synthetic fibres, as well as their composites or combinations.


Tasibel NV Yarns Ltd is the sole distributor in Hong Kong and Macau.

Tasibel is a textiles company based out of 3 Koning Albertplein, Hamme (Vl.), Belgium, specialized in weaving high-quality woven sisal carpet and market leader in natural products. They produce sisal carpets, whether or not in combination with wool or other natural materials.


As a major floor covering company in Japan, TOLI owned several manufacturing plants in the country, which provide different kinds of interior goods.

tretford carpet


Tretford is high quality carpeting that is made in Germany with natural materials –  for a healthy living and working environment. Tretford has been manufacturing flooring – partly by hand – with Cashmere goat hair in Wesel on the Lower Rhine. 

VM carpet

VM Carpet

VM Carpet is a Finnish rug manufacturer, whose product program includes paper yarn, wool, sisal, polyamide and polypropylene pile carpets with unique EVAPOLYTEX®-backing and traditional cotton rag rugs and hand-tufted rugs in various designs and colours.

van besouw

Van Besouw

Van Besouw carpets are known for their long durability. The products they produce are all of the highest quality imaginable, with no concessions. Pure materials that last a long time. You can make a difference with that. Their stable service is also extremely sustainable.